No rush on XYO listing and rightly so

There always appears to be a rush for ICO’s to get onto an exchange the moment an ICO has finished. The fact is, is that ICO’s are not IPO’s and a bit more thought has to go into the product before getting onto the exchanges.

Whilst it would be great for a company to tell everyone when a coin would be listed it simply has too many poor knock on effects. The biggest of which are the quick traders. They want to buy their ICO tokens, get listed on the first exchange possible and hope that they’ll make a quick profit, it has worked in the past and it will likely work in the future, but with XYO we finally have an ICO that are thankfully more long term focused than those we have seen in the past.

For one, they won’t be trying to join the first exchange that comes along. Their focus, confirmed by co-founder Scott Scheper, will be on the product for the forseeable future, and rightly so. (You only need take a quick look at their Gamma setup to see how things are going).

This does cause frustration amongst many buyers and for the wrong reasons really. Because their money is tied up in XYO they feel it’s not earning them anything but they’ll be proved wrong on that for certain. Although XYO have offered a full refund on original XYO tokens from the sale I’m doubtful that the majority who have done their homework and have educated themselves a little more will keep hold of them for a lot longer yet.

This is not a “fly-by-night” type product. It will be here to say and we believe it will require a good two to three years before we really see the product in action and actually being used by the masses as predicted, the key is patience and those wanting out simply have very little or have mis-read the whole whitepaper.

Whilst Scott and his name won’t say this themselves, but they will be as frustrated as anyone that they couldn’t get the gamma update out sooner but it’s one of those things, it’s not a huge headache and investors will see that the benefits far outweigh any negativity that you might see from one or two on the forums or telegram.

As for an exchange, there’s really nothing to worry about at the moment, just enjoy the ride, keep your eyes open on the latest email updates and let people know about XYO because locational data does need sorting out. In fact, if XYO was already in full flow I wouldn’t have missed by parcel being delivered yesterday! Hodl tight, be patient, and you can expect some great things from XYO in the not too distant future!

Our current ICO price prediction for XYO, amongst others is on and at the time of writing is at $0.117284690 – Please note these predictions are subject to change prior to an exchange listing depending on numerous and many parameters.